Our lives play like pawns daily on the invisible chess board of life. We are gullible to believe that good moves alone are prerequisites for promotion, from lowly pawns to a more respectable piece on the social ladder. This strategy may work on the “64 squares”, but not in life. Here, respect and effective communication—necessary ingredients for civil discourse—do not guarantee anything. In fact, we learn that we’re actually in for the long haul as we seek to get acclimated to the rugged terrain.

In many countries, education is expensive or inaccessible, healthcare is a privilege, nepotism run amok, women are treated as second-class citizens and minorities fight for justice. In the 21st century we’ve made inroads but we can’t rest on our laurels. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation already addresses many pertinent issues that plague our planet. Together with their friends, such as Warren Buffet, they seek innovative ideas to combat famine, improve sanitation, create pathways to a solid education and to fight deadly diseases.  

Still, many detractors use free speech as a smokescreen to hurt. They even wear religion on their sleeves even as their actions are a far cry from its teachings that espouse good for our fellow human being. So, amid the tumult and confusion, we continue to jockey for position even as those valiant efforts can sometimes be crippled with reckless abandon by a global system badly in need of an overhaul. In chess parlance, gambits, if accepted, entice one to make a wrong move which often leads to defeat. However, the threat can be parried harmoniously given willing participants in search of spiritual peace of mind and psychological transcendence.  

Indeed, humanity’s moral fiber need not be impaired because the drum of evil beats the loudest. Within our core is the remnant of tenacity and a message with a cadence that moves one to partake in, rather than shun, constructive ideas. And, to embolden one another (not shatter confidence and pulverize dreams) while encouraging fair competition necessary for successthe rule book must be unambiguous.   

Like a phalanx of pawns on a mission, we calmly employ a prophylactic.

Gambit declined!

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