The blog celebrated two years this month. I look back to September 2015 and I’m reminded of good times, but also trying ones (especially concerning career direction). The blog neither had a particular goal nor did I attempt to drum excitement for it. The Elusive Horizon is merely an outlet to share my thoughts and to be creative somewhat. More importantly, I write because the mental exercise is quite the cathartic experience.

There’s one more reason. I’m a little nostalgic about the excitement I felt when a correspondence arrived in the mail. I’m far from a Luddite, but those times when I held the stamped envelopes which contained a thoughtful letter are priceless. Then, I was barely in my teens when AOL’s “You’ve got mail” came along. It was exciting, but that too, came and went. Technology begets technology. Each new invention deletes a little bit of the past—the one that evokes nostalgia. In the process, the art of writing seems nothing but a blur.

Several years ago I read a Newsweek article titled: “The History And Lost Art Of Letter Writing.”

“Maybe we miss letters at least a little because we miss the world, the blessedly—to our eye at least—uncomplicated world where letters were commonplace by necessity.”

So it is with this in mind that I was caught unaware when a reader shared via email that she’s “very much enjoying following your blog.” She adds, “I love the concept of that each interaction, as simple as an email to another, as you to me and me to you, matters—because each one creates the world we live in. [They] in turn spread ripples of exchanges which start to change things for the better beyond just us two.”

Wow! Now, that’s truly special! I’ll admit that it touched me deeply, not only because it was so unexpected, but that her eloquence hints at the inherent poise befitting a future leader. Direct comments from two dedicated subscribers also elicited similar effects. Said one reader, “I also think it’s great how organically you think about knowledge and wisdom, not simply as a product but as a fully embodied experience touching every area of life.” Another reader commented: “Very interesting read! Thank you for posting this and getting our minds whirring!”

Now this is the crowning achievement of a blog! At some point we wonder if it’s read at all, but then we find ourselves conversing with a handful of affable and accomplished individuals. Several more subscribed to the blog and have liked a post here, a post there. This is crazy!

Indeed, the Elusive Horizon is concerned with meeting interesting people—the willing reader—to partake in the exchange of ideas. It’s like meeting someone at a museum or summer jazz festival. It’s pure serendipity and legit.

You see, it takes time to appreciate others’ style of writing. But, then comes the eureka moment the more one reads. Social media can be an effective tool to empower individuals and they’re are plenty online to whet one’s intellectual curiosity.

Today, there’s Khan Academy with a truly touching history. There’s Open Culture, Wikipedia and YouTube that replaced Encarta—the good ole 90s—in spectacular fashion.

In closing, many thanks to those of you who subscribed to the blog, liked or left comments. Note that if I commented on yours, you earned it. I was compelled to leave a comment in a shared appreciation for the beauty of thought!

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